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corel8box2.gif (5015 bytes) ••Introduction••Welcome to my personal website. I, like many of you want to make the best of the internet and great designs. In search for such a product, CorelDraw is what I choose. Corel's Graphic Suite of complementing software for Internet and Desktop Publishing provides professional tools and results. tips.gif (11417 bytes)
••CorelClub•• Please visit My Corel Club for comments and personal question or Email your questions for a quick response. You will find common questions based on the needs of your fellow artist as they too learn that there is an alternative to in the graphic industry...
••Animation•• Corel's Photo Paint Software is a great Gif Animation program built within its package. Any custom logo that you create can easily be altered and animated right from within the file. No need to download the latest gif animator just to find that you have to import each design.
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Created and Illustrated By: RicWolfe •  02-18-99 •

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