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texttool.gif (7236 bytes) Step 1) Select the Text Tool as seen on left and type your sample word. You can use the word "Shadow" like above. You will want to use a light color and a dark shadow for best results. You my use any object text, rectangle, oval, or any floating image.
Step 2) Once an object such as text is selected locate and click on Options, as seen on the right. Slide the mouse down to Drop Shadow...

shadow3.gif (2190 bytes)

shadow2.gif (4519 bytes)

object.gif (9034 bytes)

A window will appear, notice the effects within the window such as, degrees, offset, opacity, width, direction.

shadow.gif (14540 bytes)
Step 3) Chose a color, direction, and width of your shadow and click OK. That is all there is to it. Use combinations from other tips to create shadows with your buttons, bullets and 3D text.