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button.gif (2418 bytes) •Buttons• Buttons are one of the first questions that most people have. How do I make my own buttons? With Corel it can't be any easier, but don't let that stop you from applying these tasks to other objects. Getting familiar with these simple steps opens the possibility to many other abilities. Utilize combinations of these effects to make up new effects. There is one similarity in all these images, that is masking. With Corel's masking tools any text or object can be manipulated in the same way.

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bullet.gif (2626 bytes) •Bullets• Bullets can be used in many different sizes, next to or in conjunction with your design or web layout. Using several button sizes of the same type and color can illustrate a theme for your layout or design.
3Dtext.gif (3311 bytes) •3D Text• Using this option will give your text a 3-Dimensional bevel, making the type or object appear to stand above the page. You can use shadows to distance your object closer or higher from the surface.
shadow1.gif (3002 bytes) •Shadowing• This can be used to achieve different effects. Make light text stand out, place distance between the object, and surface or create bright glowing effects.